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Green Chemistry Solutions
There is a pressing need for the chemical manufacturing industry to become more sustainable. Currently, organic solvents account for over 70% of the waste generated by chemical companies. Replacing solvents with environmentally friendly ones, especially in large-scale processes, will drastically improve our eco-footprint. For more information read here

It is our mission at Chicago Discovery Solutions to innovate practical and easy ways to incorporate green technology into the realm of medicinal chemistry and drug development.

Our Green Chemistry Solutions are:

  • Applying our ruthenium catalyst to conduct C-H activation in water; MCAT-53 was commercialized by us in June 2016. Read more here.
  • Effecting change in current manufacturing processes by incorporating environmentally friendly catalysts, enzymes or reagents.
  • Improving process intensification to reduce waste and non-recyclable material.
  • Developing alternative pathways that maximize atom economy.

To read more about recent developments in Green Chemistry, please read
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