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Jan 2021: Chicago discovery Solutions starts a project on the discovery of new active pharmaceutical agents with University of Rutgers.

Nov 2020 : Dr. Mehta (our CEO) was nominated for prestigious H.C. Brown award of American Chemical Society for creative research in organic methods.

April 2020: Dr. Mehta was in the panel discussion at an event- Exploring Career Paths in the physical Sciences by WCC (Women Chemical Society) and CYCC.

August 2019:  American Chemical society meeting- CDS presented a Lecture: Key considerations in choosing manufacturing solvents.

April 4, 2019: ACS Meeting presentation by CDS: Doing Reactions in Water using Ruthenium catalysts.

March 31, 2019: CDS presented at ACS Angel Network: Disruptive Innovation in Chemistry: New Catalysts and Improved Routes for Pharmaceuticals Synthesis.

September 12, 2018: Lecture at Jubilant Lifescience, India; Key Considerations for Choosing Manufacturing Solvents -A Newly Discovered Ruthenium Formato Catalyst MCAT-53 for versatile and practical synthesis of Biaryls.

August 20,2018: Green Symposium ACS meeting at Boston; Choosing right solvent for organic reactions! MCAT-53TM as a novel and first of its class water friendly catalyst.

August 19, 2018: ACS national Meeting at Boston-MCAT-53TM as a novel and first of its class Ru catalyst :Synthesis of intermediate of Anacetrapib (a CETP inhibitor) in water instead of organic solvents.

August 14, 2018: Scientists of Chicago Discovery Solutions published a full paper titled Arene Ruthenium Catalyst MCAT-53 for the Synthesis of Heterobiaryl Compounds in Water through Aromatic C–H Bond Activation -  the full paper can be assessed through the link below:

October  10, 2017: Scientists of Chicago Discovery Solutions presented world wide Webinar titled- Key Considerations for choosing manufacturing solvents; Carbon- carbon coupling in water using Ruthenium catalyst MCAT-53.

July 19, 2017: Chicago Discovery Solutions was invited to the American Chemical Society’s Fall Meeting as a special exhibitor in the innovation corridor of the Innovation fair to present the technologies we developed and commercialized. We invite participants to meet us at Booth #427 of the Innovation fair.

April 4, 2017: Dr. Anita Mehta was an invited speaker at the American Chemical Society's National Meeting at San Francisco, Spring 2017. Symposium: Green Chemistry Adoption: Progressive Changes by Different Industry Sectors. Title of her talk was:  Key Considerations for Choosing Manufacturing Solvents; Doing Reactions in water using New Ruthenium Catalyst MCAT-53.

Dr. Mukund Chorghade Spoke on several forums at ACS meeting on a need to promote Green Chemistry using Novel and New Catalysts like MCAT-53 and mettaloporphyrins. 

August 22, 2016: Dr. Anita Mehta gave an oral presentation scheduled at the upcoming meeting in Philadelphia in August on the discovery of MCAT-53. The title of the talk is :“Discovery of MCAT-53 for C-H activated C-C coupling in water (green chemistry)”.

June 22, 2016: Sigma Aldrich launches MCAT-53, a novel and new category of green catalyst for C-H activated C-C coupling that works in water. see details http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/aldrich/900285?lang=en&region=US

May 27, 2016: Dr. Anita Mehta was invited to give an oral presentation scheduled at the upcoming meeting in Philadelphia in August on the discovery of MCAT-53. The title of the talk is :“Discovery of MCAT-53 for C-H activated C-C coupling in water (green chemistry)”.

August 16, 2015: Anita Mehta* and Mukund S. Chorghade, “Expanding Chemistry Frontiers: Efficient Air Stable Catalysts for Aqueous Chemistry and Chemosynthesis using “Synthetic Livers”, 250th ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA on August 16-20, 2015. 

August 13, 2014: Chicago Discovery Solutions presented their new findings on the discovery of novel green technologies at 248th ACS National Meeting that will be held in San Francisco, California, August 13, 2014. “Development of new catalysts for greener industrial process; transdermal patches for drug delivery”

July 13, 2014: Great day for Chicago discovery Solutions-We were invited in Natural Products conference organized by Fusion at Bloomingdale, Illinois. We got the great opportunity to speak about Chicago Discovery Solutions's innovative catalyst in the same session where Professor Robert Grubbs (Nobel Laureate) was the speaker. 

July 12, 2014: Chicago Discovery Solutions will be presenting their new findings on the discovery of novel green technologies at 248th ACS National Meeting that will be held in San Francisco, California, August 13, 2014 at session of Heterocycles and Aromatics at  1:00 pm.

April, 9, 2014: Chicago discovery Solutions presented in ACS ERC 2014 showcase. Please see the link to my talk at ACS ERC showcases of start ups in the ‘cleantech’ section.

Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUGrGlL__S0&list=PLXfC308Wx8HuJT2oc0A5QqvzevYJ17oGn&index=5 

February 2014: Chicago Discovery Solutions has been selected  to present during the ACS ERC 2014 Showcase East at the offices of Nova Biomedical Corporation in Waltham, Massachusetts on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. ACS and its partners for this event  are the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS), the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses, and Nova Biomedical Corporation will provide an audience of investors and partners in an effort to further the commercialization of our chemistry-based product opportunities.  

September 2013: As a Chicago based company known for finding environmentally friendly solutionsScientists  of Chicago discovery Solutions were invited to present at American Industrial Hygiene Association AIHA-Chicago section meeting on how Green Chemistry alternatives can make the work place safer for workers in Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

July 2013: Chicago Discovery Solutions enters in to partnership with Eli Lilly & Co., for collaborating on pharmaceutical R&D program through Lilly's open innovation program. Lilly’s Phenotypic Drug Discovery Initiative, or PD2, is to provide a more convenient entry point for Chicago Discovery Solutions'  researchers into Lilly’s drug-discovery and -development process.
The goal is to identify compounds that may interact with one or more targets or pathways not anticipated by a single mechanism-driven hypothesis.

June 2013: Chicago Discovery Solutions announces the successful multi step synthesis of 3,4-Dimethyl-5-[2-(4-piperazin-1-
yl-phenylamino)-pyrimidin-3-yl]- 3H-thiazol-2-one (CAS 85-1439-14 ; CDS- 1073 ). This compound was identified by researchers from the kinase inhibitors library that block the Cyclin Dependent Kinase responsible for regulating transcription, i.e., CDK7 and especially CDK9. Among all the compounds identified as CDK inhibitors, this compound, CAS 85-1439-14 has a unique profile and is considered very useful for further R&D. Learn more about the significance of this compound.

April 2013: Chicago Discovery Solutions presents a talk: Catalysis: A key Technology for Green Approaches to Pharmaceutical Production to a small business scientific forum in Chicago.

February 15, 2013: CDS-Chemistry Corner is opened to inform the public about interesting news and developments in chemistry and from the company.

December 20, 2012: Dr. Anita Mehta gives a Royal Scociety of Chemistry lecture in Chemistry department, Delhi University, India.

October 28, 2012; Dr. Anita Mehta of Chicago Discovery Solutions will be a speaker on “Cholesterol Ester Transfer Proteins” their roles in lipid metabolism, heart disease, and the drugs targeting them. In the Chicago section of the American Chemical Society joint meeting with the University of Chicago on November, 7th, 2012.

September 20, 2012; Dr. Anita Mehta, a well known Medicinal Chemist of Chicago Discovery Solutions is invited to give a lecture on CETP inhibitors at ACCA Medicinal Chemistry Seminar at Benedictine University, Illinois, USA. The session will be broadcasted at Dominican University and USA simultaneously.

June 28, 2012: Chicago Discovery Solutions wins contract for custom synthesis of 'difficult to synthesize' compounds of interest from the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

May 31, 2012: Truman College Chemistry Class Gains Real-World Experience through Partnership with Chicago Discovery Solutions, link.

May 17, 2012: Chicago Discovery selected as a prime contestant in the Business Plan Competition of the American Chemical Society to present its business plan at a special Committee on Science symposium on “Entrepreneurship in Chemistry: Financing the Start-ups” in the American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia, (http://www.acs.org/philly2012). 

April 14, 2012: Chicago Discovery Solutions starts an active collaboration with CiVenti Chem (http://civentichem.com) for the development of scalable and cost effective processes for compounds under clinical investigation/ marketed drugs. Such processes and procedures could be applied to the synthesis of other analogues, metabolites and chemical compound libraries. 

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Chicago Discovery Solutions's presentation
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