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Custom Organic Synthesis 
We love taking up the challenge in difficult-to-synthesize building blocks, reference compounds, analog synthesis for SAR and lead optimizations, complex multi-step synthesis of lead compounds, reference standards of intermediates and final products, impurities, metabolites and degraded products. We have contributed in the past in innovative syntheses, timeliness in delivery, dependability in quality of products and efficiency in process development. 

We have an excellent record for synthesizing advance intermediates and API's under cGMP conditions. 

After an initial evaluation and consultation with the investigator, we will develop a detailed custom synthetic proposal including a scientific literature search and review, patentability analysis, chemical and reagent availability and costs, and a detailed breakdown of costs for each chemical step and analytical identification (i.e. NMR, LC-MS, etc.) based upon target quantity and purity. We will use every opportunity to incorporate green chemistry.

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