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Anita Mehta, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

Highlights: Has an impressive record in industry having led a group of scientists in a number of programs that produced clinical candidates including alpha1a-adrenoceptor blocker, Pamirosin (RBx2258; phase II), oxazolididnone antibacterial Ranbelozid (RBx 7644; Phase I) and several lead M3 selective muscarinic receptor antagonists. 

Education: Ph.D. Delhi University (India), 6 years Postdoctoral research from SUNY at Stony Brook (USA), Manchester University (UK) and ICSN-CNRS (France). Certified Green Belt in LEAN manufacturing and certified Black Belt in SIX SIGMA Quality Management. 

Industrial Experience: A distinguished and dedicated professional with more than 25 years of experience in drug discovery and chemical technology development. Employed at Ranbaxy Labs for 9 years and moved up the ranks to become the Associate Director, New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR) before working for Saintlife Incorporation (USA) as Chief Scientific Officer. Joined Avocet Polymer Technologies Inc. (USA) as Vice President Research and Development in 2004. Last assignment was as a Technical Services Manager at TFM plant of Freeport McMoRan (USA) managing a staff of 142 (Chemists and Engineers). Played a key role in the design and commissioning of a new Chemical plant.

Winner of 2021 Intellectual Property Bar Association of Chicago's prestigious "Creator of the Year (COTY)' award, Awarded CNRS- ICSN (France) Director's medal 1993, Nominated for 2021 HC Brown award in Creative Organic Chemistry.

Publications: One of the inventors on 24 U.S. patents (issued) on the discovery of new drug molecules, their scale up, prodrugs, discovery of polymorphs and metabolites. Principal author or co-author of more than 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Patents and Publications.

Professional Expertise: Core strengths include the knowledge of the pharmacology of drug substances, the mechanisms of drug actions, chemical synthesis, ability to conceive new pharmacophores, lead generation and optimization of lead molecules for ADME and/or toxicity. Successful experience of conceptualizing and advancing two molecules from pre-clinical development to clinical trials. Lead efforts on multi ton scale up and IND submissions. Developed a topical formulation which has been marketed in USA. See following links for details: LeadershipAward Rbx 2258, IND filing, Herald News ChicagoBusiness IndiaFinancial express.

Richard J. Habegger- Strategy/Launch Executive

Educational: B.S.M.E. - Purdue University, M.B.A. - Indiana University, Licensed Professional Engineer- State of Indiana.

Commercial/Industrial Experience: Leadership positions in General Electric, Emerson Electric, Phelps Dodge and other global organizations managing profit/loss, international startups, divestures. Last assignment was as a President- Phelps Dodge Corporation, Fort Wayne managing an operation of 300 millions US dollars.

Professional Expertise: Business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, process development, international business, strategic planning, financial planning, accounting, risk analysis, forecasting and budgeting.

Patents - Ten (10) US Issued - mechanical devices, radar, kinetic mechanisms 

Arvind Mehta, Chief Financial Officer

Education: CPA (USA), M.B.A. Finance, P.G. Diploma International Trade from IIFT India.

Industrial Experience: More than 25 years experience in finance, accounting, and treasury in large multinational corporations including Alcatel, Aventis, and Freeport McMoRan Co. Experience working in several countries including India, France, USA, and countries in Africa. 

Professional Expertise: Start-ups, international financial accounting, mergers and acquisitions. Knowledge of US GAAP and IFRS. Strong experience in financial planning, accounting, risk analysis, forecasting and budgeting
Executive Team
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