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Contract Research Services
At Chicago Discovery Solutions, our chemists are interested in finding solutions to your needs
We will develop strategies suited to your project by considering ADME and toxicity issues allowing you to maximize your results.
  • Structure Activity Relationship Studies 
  • Hit-to-Lead Studies 
We are interested in finding manufacturing processes that use environmentally friendly reagents including catalysts and enzymes. We are here to improve your process intensification for reducing waste and non-recyclable material. And lastly, to assist you in finding alternative, synthetic pathways that reduce pollution and energy consumption. 
We offer the rapid synthesis of metabolites identified in vivo and/or ex vivo molecular diversity for discovering new chemical entities (NCEs). Compounds obtained are isolated, identified and delivered according to your requirements. 
We have experience developing new formulation medium which can be used to formulate ‘difficult to formulate' drug molecules/NCE's. Our scientists have past experience with developing a topical formulation now in the market.​

With the best and brightest scientists, we offer custom organic synthesis of molecules in milligram to kilogram quantities in every structural class. Our custom synthesis expertise include: Boronic acid synthesis and couplings, C-C coupling reactions, Catalytic hydrogenation, Chiral synthesis and separation, Heterocyclic chemistry, Metabolites and impurities, Multistep (15-20 step) asymmetric synthesis, Organometallic chemistry, Sharpless asymmetric reactions, Ruthenium catalysis, Sulfonylations, Thiols, Ugi reactions, Wittig reactions. 

Representative molecules synthesized in our laboratory using new and novel chemistry can be viewed here

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Chiral Separation