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Medicinal Chemistry Support
Reduce the time spent on lead discovery and the optimization of lead compounds by utilizing our team of medicinal chemists. We will develop strategies suited to your project by considering ADME and toxicity issues allowing you to maximize your results.

We provide custom synthesis of molecules (milligram to kilogram) in all structural classes, design and synthesis of new chemical entities, structure-activity relationship studies, hit-to-lead studies, and development and optimization of synthetic procedures.

Consultation process:
After an initial evaluation and consultation with the investigator, we will develop a detailed proposal, which includes scientific literature search and review, patentability analysis, chemical and reagent availability and costs, and a detailed breakdown of costs for each chemical step and analytical identification (i.e. NMR, LC-MS, etc) based upon target quantity and purity.

Our lead medicinal chemists have an outstanding record of achievements. 
Read the past patents and publications of our scientists in the following areas:

Oxazolidinone Antibacterials

Anti Cancer:

Central Nervous system:

Uroselective Compounds:
Muscarinic (M3) Receptor Antagonists
Alpha 1a Adrenoceptor Anatagonists
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