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Chicago Discovery Solutions LLC
Chicago Discovery Solutions is a technology development company, developing novel products and processes for pharmaceutical industry.

As a company, we are dedicated to finding solutions that facilitate discovery of innovative drugs and truly applicable 'Green Technologies' in the area of pharmaceutical research and manufacturing. We believe using green alternatives should not mean compromises. Read here to learn about the new technologies available now.

Our scientist's core strengths lie in organic and medicinal chemistry enabling us to help companies involved in drug discovery research. 

We provide custom organic synthesis, contract research, and process development services. Learn more about other services we offer by reading here.The company also offers analytical method development and validation services for HPLC and GC methods to pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. It provides its services in the manufacturing areas for new non- infringing route development for API and intermediates, multi step chiral synthesis, large-scale synthesis and column chromatography.

We also offer synthetic support to your medicinal chemistry program by preparing reference compounds, intermediates, and impurities. We are capable of conceiving new pharmacophores, generate and optimize new lead molecules for ADME and/or toxicity. 

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Compound Libraries
Scientific presentations: Disclosure of structure of MCAT-53, a novel catalyst from Chicago Discovery Solutions LLC  at ACS meeting in Philadelphia, 22 August 2016:
MCAT-53™ Catalyst
The catalyst that takes Green Chemistry to a new level.

MCAT-53TM  has been commercially launched by Chicago Discovery Solutions. This catalyst is a game changing catalyst as it has been found useful in synthesizing several molecules of biological interest by C-H activated C-C coupling reactions in water instead of routinely used harmful solvents. See more details here

NEWS!! June 22, 2016: Launch of Catalyst MCAT-53:

MCAT-53™ catalyst, the first commercial catalyst designed specifically for C-H activated C-C coupling in water. MCAT-53 is a Ruthenium-based catalyst with exceptional benefits for pharmaceutical development discovered by scientists of Chicago Discovery Solutions.